About HandeVision

Handevision is the result of the long-term cooperation between the German lens manufacturer IB/E Optics GmbH and the branch specialist Shanghai Transvision Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd, also known by its trademark Kipon as a manufacturer of high-quality adapters.

HandeVision stands for smart ingenuity and outstanding quality. A brand that offers lenses with extremely high lens speed and exceptional quality, developed in Germany. IBELUX with its lens speed of 1:0,85, the worldwide highest speed lens for system cameras is the first product of the HandeVision lens series.
The expensive optical design consisting of multi-coated lenses is the basis for the excellent imaging results of these lenses. The additional use of a vast number of aperture discs results in a unique bokeh. On the mechanical side HandeVison attaches great importance to a extremely robust metal structure. The main materials used are anodized aluminium, brass for the focus mechanics and stainless steel to achieve outstanding longevity.

The brand HandeVision is exclusively sold by WALSER throughout Europe.